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:: Ballan 6 hour enduro ::

I have just washed my bike knicks out 5 times, and there is still mud coming out of the chamois......lets go back to the beginning.

The 4th round of the victorian enduro series was held at Ballan on Sunday 7th May 2006. The weather forcast for the area was for a top of 9 degrees, showers and hale. I was ever the optimist hoping that because of the amount of rain that had fallen overnight the weather would improve.

You F#&Kin' Beauty

You can only be a victim if you admit defeat. – The Descendents There comes a time when you have to take a stand about things that you believe in. Recently I gave in to feelings that I was loosing my touch on a bike and lost my faith in riding as a whole.

The 2006 Commonwealth Games - Melbourne

The 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.
Lysterfield Park XC Mountain Bike Race.

The Sun beat down on our heads and the sweat ran down our backs and riders went past with expressions ranging from pain and suffering to good natured fun and this was only on the long walk to the venue from the car park. As we walked my excitement grew to the point I was bouncing up and down and clicking my fingers like a 4 year old. I was at the Commonwealth Games, it was at the park that I had ridden my bike for over 10 years and there were thousands of people here to see what this MTB thing was all about.

Thredbo 2006

Thredbo, DH National Round 3 and 4X Round 5.

The Australian National series (DH and 4X) was off to not so sunny Thredbo for Round 3 of the DH and Round 5 of the 4X. In the lead up to the event speculation was rife that the 4X track would not be completed and to what extent the DH track would be modified from the preceding seasons form. All would be revealed come race weekend.

The 4X event was contested on a track built by Glenn Jacobs only days before the event. To his credit the track produced some great hard fought and close racing. The morning’s weather could only be described as diabolical with torrential rain and howling winds. Fortunately the skies cleared and racing went ahead. In the elite category two undefeated riders from the afternoon, Jared Graves and Wade Bootes went head to head in the final with Shane Wode Dave Inabinet complete with rapidly deteriorating light. At the end of the run it would be Jared Graves who would walk away with the win.

Overall Winners

Elite Men
1. Jared Graves
2. Wade Bootes
3. Shane Wode
4. Dave Inabinet

Elite Women
1. Emma McNaughton
2. Claire Whiteman
3. Caroline Buchanan
4. Melissa Hamilton

Hard day at the Office

Fat Tyre Flyers ran their annual 'Hard Day At The Office" 8 hour enduro on saturday.
3 Members of the 'bung racing' team decided to race, but I defected from the group and thought I'd give the 8 hours a go solo (just to see if I could do it!) Matt Aldridge and Steve Munyard were left as a team of 2, and at 9am racing started. Lets go back a little, generally we like to get to a venue early, set up, eat some food and relax before a long day of enduro racing. Unfortunatly one the Bung racing crew turned his alarm off and went back to sleep, so things were a little rushed and not long after arriving at the venue, I was soon on my bike, and that would be my home for the next 8 hours.

Mont 24hr, 2005

MONT 24hr Enduro

Before the big raceBung racing packed the utes and headed for Canberra for this years mont. This being the teams return, and having won our category last year, we were pumped and keen.