About Us

Welcome to Soul-Riders! We have a vision to promote mountainbiking as a lifestyle choice. We know that it’s more than a sport, a past time or a hobby. It gives you the ability to push your personal limits and to grow as a person. Have a really good time and enjoy the freedom of a dirt trail and time on your hands. Not to mention all the cool places you get to visit and the people you’ll meet along the way.

Soulriders is not a cult. Soulriders is not a new age religion. Soulriders is not a political party. Soulriders is not here to make you look good. Soulriders will not let you contact your pets from the other side. Soulriders is not a softdrink.

Part of our mission is to be positive about bike riding in the dirt. We want everyone to get out and have a good time. We are not about bagging people, places, brands or riders for some cheap entertainment. We want riders to be involved and to share your thoughts and experiences. Be creative, send us your Paint images, photo’s, ride guides, maps, logos, bike designs, thoughts and reviews.