Long Gully Ride Day & VIC Series Presentations

Where: Long Gully farm. Long Gully road Healesville

When: Sunday May 21st. Starting at 10ish til 4:30.

The day will comprise: Transport, lunch, refreshments and riding. BBQ lunch, refreshments and awards presentation from 1.00 - 2.00 pm.

Sam takes VIC DH Series in HardTail

Congratulations Sam

Soul-Riders' own Sam Gallagher takes out the Victorian DH Series (HardTail Class) Today. Fantastic effort from the young quick lad, as his consitancy throughout the season has been his just reward.

You F#&Kin' Beauty

You can only be a victim if you admit defeat. – The Descendents There comes a time when you have to take a stand about things that you believe in. Recently I gave in to feelings that I was loosing my touch on a bike and lost my faith in riding as a whole.

661 Signs Fast Man Evan Winton

661 now welcomes fast man Evan Winton to the team. Keep an eye out for this rocking young racer and dirtjumper as he rips up anything in his path. Evan will be kitted head to toe with 661. We welcome him onto the Team.

What Is FREERIDING & Where Do I Get it?

Let us first start with the Q. Where do I get some freeriding from? I saw an article in a magazine that said I could score some freeriding from an entry form to Readers Digest - Is this true?

I was under the impression that riding a bike full stop, was "free" riding? Is it true that I'm I missing something? I have ridden some sort of bike for over 30 years, yet, I thought I was free when I rode, but now I'm not too sure? Magazine Ads, DVD releases, TV and more tell me that there is something called "FreeRiding" and watch how you use it, it's trademarked!

We Only Want to be Different Like everybody else

DexBike riding is an individual pursuit. Many of us decided that bike riding was for us after it became apparent that team sports maybe weren’t for us. The interesting thing about bringing individuals into a group situation is that it creates a lot of variation. Some people group together with like minded riders and others push away from the group dynamic. Some riders are quick to label themselves by the buzzword of the day ‘street rider’, ‘freerider’ or ‘downhiller’, others just ride without the need for definition.
Some of these cliques are born for the need to distance themselves from established groups.

The new found single speed phenomenon has it’s own ideologies and cliché’s that enable us to identify it as a new trend. Each new group sets themselves apart and identifies themselves differently to those that came before. Diversity is very important for our sport to grow. The cross pollination of mountain biking with BMX, Motocross and snowboarding has given it strength and opened up the doors to new technology, ideas and attitudes. The massive growth of technology in sport has seen riders pushing new limits and opening new doorways to what is possible. This has in turn seen a resurgence of riders who prefer simplicity to hype and unfulfilled promises. The race carnival feel of early MTB races has returned to become the Enduro phenomenon of the 2000’s.

The last decade has seen a massive evolution from the early days of Cross Country or Downhill off road bike riding. Without these things that subtly change the way you perceive your sport we would see the numbers of riders and interest in the sport decline. We see new products thrust upon us relentlessly claiming to meet the needs of a sub group or a missing link to the product ranges on offer. The marketeers define who they think we are, what we need and where we are deficient. The sole purpose of marketing is to sell more products that we didn’t really know we needed. It is easy to confuse real needs and desires with those that have been invented for us. Once we head down that path we become puppets to the industry. I seem to constantly hear riders complaining about bikes with ‘wrong geometry’ or that parts are ‘no good’ for a certain application. While there is always a huge amount of personal interpretation of these ideas there is a growing tendency to follow some industry led ‘correct line’ and assumes all that vary from the magic bike cookie cutter are wrong. We need to understand that not all bikes and parts are alike because not all trails and riders are alike. Our diversity is a strength not a liability to be relegated. If we can’t accept difference we’ll all be riding McBikes within a few years and be forced to accept a one style fits most market. The bonds that bring us together are always shifting also.

Burnt Out

“Show me a time, tell me a story that I haven’t heard a million times before I pass out from boredom” - NOFX.

For someone to think that they live the ‘life’ of a mountain bike rider it’s hard for me to say but I’m getting really burnt out on bikes. My day job is in bike wholesale. I ride to work. I try to ride on the weekends. I own a website dedicated to bikes. I get stoked from a good dirt video. I dig new bike toys. I have immersed myself in a world of bicycles. I’m just starting to care less and less.

Virgin Adults

Getting into the Sport – A Newbie Guide.

by Derek Yates

Atomlabs 24" Rim Review

Currently I'm running an Atomlab Aircorp rim in 24" diameter (36 hole if you wanted to know). I'm running it for my dirt-jump and urban needs, and through hard case's, and landing on flight's of stairs, it's held up. I havn't had the need to get it trued for about 7 months. They're a great rim for all the dirt-junkies, and urban riders out there. With the choice of 32 or 36 holes, and 26" and 24" diameters, and a 32mm wide platform make this rim extremely stable.And plus, running V-Brakes is finally an option! With higher sidewalls to accomodate.

They retail for around the $100 mark, but rumours have come into play that the Aircorp rim will be discontinued for 2005 onwards, sadly it isn't with it's brother rims at home in the 'wheels' section at Atomlabs website. Overall, a great rim, but slightly on the heavy side, and pinned instead of maybe a slightly stronger welded joint...

Cams rating, 8.5/10.

Trail Talk: What have We done to deserve respect?

Flicking through the various internet forums lately its very apparent that trails are being shut down for various reasons in most areas.