The Frame Weight Wars

The Frame Weight Wars
What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

Bicycle frame longevity essentially lies within the realm of cyclic stresses, the material selection to meet those stresses, and fatigue. In the real world, frames experience fluctuating loads with use. Those applied loads are as varied as we are and two different riders will not apply the same loads to a bike even if riding the exact same bike.

Sam Hill

Sam Hill
Sam Hill, Riding like it is a Sunday stroll

Sam's new bike

Sam's new bike

Sam's 2006 Norco A-line

You’ve come a long way baby.

Lysterfield Park, Victoria. Australia. 10th June 2006.


Derek rides so fast even the camera can't catch him.....or something.It’s been a LONG time since I’ve ridden Lysterfield regularly. I’ve been hitting the trails there for over 10 years and they have constantly changed and evolved to reflect the growing demand from riders. The trails always used to be a bit dodgy with riders pretty much breaking the rules by riding on ‘walking tracks’ but the lure of kilometres of sweet undulating trails kept them building and riding until the Rangers caught up with them and closed them down. This in turn moved the trails to new areas of the park and new experiences. This all changed in about 2004 as the 2006 Commonwealth Games venue was announced as Lysterfield Park and bikes were finally allowed off the management roads and onto the singletrack. Millions of dollars have been spend upgrading the park to host the event and improve the facilities. Roads have been improved, car parking is better, toilets have been installed and best of all for bike riders trails have been officially sanctioned, marked and mapped.

Truvativ BB Adapter

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Being mechanically inept to say the least, I had been having an ongoing battle to try and setup and keep set up my BMX BB. In the end sanity prevailed and I went looking for alternatives.

Grip Sport "Quick Grip" Bike Rack

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Traditionally my method of transporting my bikes has been to throw them into the back of the wagon. Reasonably quick and it generally doesn’t require too much thought getting things in. The only downside to this method was the inevitable amount of mud getting deposited in the car.

Road trips also became an issue when trying to fit multiple bikes and gear into the car.

A new car though required me to have a new train of thought on the whole bike transportation issue. A bit of research led me to Grip Sport and their Quick Grip Bike Rack.

Aireal Australia DH Hubs [part 1]

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This little project all started because I wanted the “wank” factor for my big DH rig. I thought a pair of Green Chris King would be sick and I looked into grabbing some, but quickly realised that CK don’t do a rear hub to fit my Shore. Damn!

:: Ballan 6 hour enduro ::

I have just washed my bike knicks out 5 times, and there is still mud coming out of the chamois......lets go back to the beginning.

The 4th round of the victorian enduro series was held at Ballan on Sunday 7th May 2006. The weather forcast for the area was for a top of 9 degrees, showers and hale. I was ever the optimist hoping that because of the amount of rain that had fallen overnight the weather would improve.

When a bike is Not a bike

It frustrates me that a large population of newcomers to the sport try and segregate and preference a certain discipline over another. Why? I personally, am from a bike family background way way back, so my passion for all things two wheels has been breed into me I guess. From moto trials, to speedway, to BMX, to motoX, motoGP & more. This is where I find it difficult to be too judgemental on a certain discipline of riding. Any form of riding that involves skill intrigues me. If you can mono your old dragster for ages, rockwalk your BMX, huck your MTB or enjoy the thrill of zigzagging your treadly down a hill – it’s all about the BIKE.

Mid Youth Crisis - Live Show

Mid Youth Crisis - 19th May 2006 - The Arthouse (Melbourne, Vic, Au)

Well last night proved once again that Mid Youth Cisis were and still are one of the greatest punk/hardcore bands in Australia. Even though we only get to see them for a reunion show every couple of years ( thanks to members living overseas) when they play they play harder, faster and with more feeling than anyone. Mid Youth Crisis played a good solid set with a mix of early and later stuff and had the Arthouse temperature rising to summer proportions on a cool and wet autumn night. Melbourne is a great place to live when bands like this play. After spilling onto the footpath after 1am I felt 5 years younger and the ringing in my ears brings back memories of awesome MYC shows gone by. Mid Youth Crisis have played with almost every band I love and will always be the guys on the top of my Best Ever bands list. Thanks for being there after all these years.
One highlight for me was hearing support band A Death in the Family for the first time. Fuckin great stuff, check them out.