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Tracey Hannah Interview

Today had a chit chat with fast Aussie girl Tracey Hannah.


BLUR OPTICS B1 Goggles < review >

Blur Optics B1

by Andrew Day

The eyes are the organ of sight, the power of vision & the view of life. So when it comes to protecting your eyes look no further than the Blur Optics B1 goggles.

[R]evolution 8 *OUT NOW*

[R]evo 8 our fave mag is out now! Full of awesome MTB goss and trail tales. Check out the new Soul-Riders ad - woohoo!. This issue also comes with a sticker sheet inside, and we all love stickers.

Get out there and grab ya self a copy, you wont be dissappointed as Holmes always throws together an awesome mag.

After you read it, get out and RIDE!

Make It Happen.

Well today marks the start of Daylight savings in the city of Melbourne, Australia. It’s Sunday the 29th of October and summer feels like its finally arriving. My friends in Canada are starting to get out their snow gear and cold weather tyres for the cool months ahead. To give a bit of perspective here in Melbourne it rarely gets much below freezing and snow is something we are struggling with on the alpine mountains let alone anywhere near the city. Summer for us means less cold, less wet and more hot and windy. We are experiencing the worst drought on record and the land is pretty scorched but this is the time of year I look forward to each year.


For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction –Newtons 3rd Law.

Nerrina Gap

Interview : Nicho from Rouler Imports

We got in touch with Nicholas Bailly from Rouler Imports recently, heres the three-one-one on this promising new importer.

First of all, let us know a bit about yourself, who are you, where are you from, what do you do?

Crank Bros 5050XX Pedal

SR Review Logo

This flat pedal offering from Crank Bros is to my eyes one of the nicest looking flat pedals out there. Well I think so anyway. Add to this the multitude of colour options, and you have a pedal made in heaven for vain, colour conscious people like myself. Yes, if you can’t ride good, you may as well look the part.

Mountainbike Clubs - Whats in it for Me??

A common question I am asked is, “what’s in joining a club for me?”. Being the president of a club, my opinion in this may be a little biased toward the side of clubs and the value of their existence, but I thought it may be worth running through what a club can offer an individual.