Press Release: MV Aus. changes name to World Trail

MV Australia changes its name to World Trail

World Trail LogoThe future of recreational and competitive trail design and construction has arrived.
One of the worlds most well known trail designers, Glen Jacobs and the MV Australia
crew have now renamed the company to WORLD TRAIL to reflect a broader focus
on all kinds of recreational trails and the company’s international profile.
The World Trail crew consists of 2 directors, Glen Jacobs and Dylan Jeffries and 4
permanent staff members.

Sam Hill Interview

Sam Hill ::World Champion::

What in the Sam Hill was that?

Sabrina Jonnier Interview

Sabrina Header

Today had a chit chat with super fast Women’s World DH Champion Sabrina Jonnier. A woman that shreads a DH track, that rides Moto's and hates the Tour de France! What a Cool Chick!

Corsair Launch the König Slopestyle Frame

Corsair Logo

After a Crankworx style killing machine? Then look no further. The new Corsair Konig looks like it could take out the crown without a rider even getting close to this beast. They seem to come with everything; Adjustable headtube angle for tune-ability, Replaceable engineered fit drop-outs in Maxle, Horizontal or 10mm QR style, CenterBalance design for superior handling, 12 layer paint process to make them look oh-so-pornstar and more...

After opening the attachments from the president at Corsair, the 1st thing to come to mind was "bugger me, they look sick!"

Schwinn; the Kings of bicycles are Back!

Schwinn are Back

Schwinn have been around for what seems ever. If it wasn't for this brand, I'm not sure BMX or Mountain Biking would exist? The first BMX's were transformed Dragsters like the StingRay. The first Mountain Bikes were transformed Schwinn Beach Cruisers. So you see, if it weren't for Schwinn, I believe this website would contain rude images and useless Tour de Frog dribble.*

It’s not about the bike. It’s all about the Ride.

The Project.

I have ridden Mountain Bikes in the dirt for over 15 years now. My first 26” ride was a simple beast but let me get our with my mates and explore new trails and new horizons. We rode our bikes long distances before we even thought about driving.

Set Your Goals, Bitches.

“Do or Do Not. There is no try” – Master Yoda.

Well it’s been a while; sometimes it’s hard to write for the site when life seems to get in the way. My last post was as daylight savings was kicking off for the summer of 06/07. Seems like the daylight and all that we saved has run out and it’s now May 2007. Tomorrow I turn 30.