Schwalbe Tyres

Schwalbe LogoNever underestimate your how important it is to have grip especially while racing. It can decide whether you win or lose so when it comes to picking the correct tyres for the conditions come race day, you will be fooled not to look into the Schwalbe Tyre Range. Offering tyres for all conditions, compounds and options, you will always be able to find a tyre to suit the track conditions. Today we looked into Schwalbes Specific Downhill Tyres and after running a few ourselves, we'd recommend you also check them out yourselves, whether or not you are a keen racer or a local punter.

Markus Stoeckl, The FASTEST DHer on Earth!


Today Soul-Riders spoke to Mr. MS Racing himself, Markus Stoeckl while he was in an airport waiting for his flight. In September last year Markus attempted to break the Land record for a Mountain Bike in Chile and did he break it, he smashed it by 23 km/h to set a new world record of 210.4 km/h.

Cleaning your bike with Zero Water


Feeling guilty for wasting large amounts of water washing your bike regularly? Well I have the perfect solution…

Breese & Mosely take out Victorian State Championships

VicTitles Header

This years Victorian State Championships was held at Mt.Buller to race the infamous International track which is known for smashing everything and anything up, man or machine. As the weekend went on though practice the track began deteriorating more and everyone was beginning to realize fitness was going to make a huge influence when race time came around.

Shock Landing: BOS plushes into Oz

BOS Logo

We've just got word that Rouler Imports here in Australia are importing and distributing one killer suspension brand BOS. Who the frick are BOS you ask? We'll here's a breif rundown of European engineering at it's best.

Pro Rider Interviews: Hot Topics!

Sam Hill Interview

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Sabrinna Jonnier Interview

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Tracey Hannah Interview

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Need a NEW bike at a USED price?

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Soul-Riders realises how important your rig is to keeping the excitement of riding alive, and most of us can't afford to buy a new bike whenever we like because it just doesn't fit into the budget. Well, there's a new site floating around the internet that got us here a little excited. How about brand new spanking rigs at killer prices? Complete with FULL shop services to boot? Sounds too good to be true really, so we thought we'd go all Maxwell Smart on this rumour and check it out ourselves.

Straitline Components

Today teamed up with Greg from Straitline Components for an in depth look into their precision company.

Many cycling companies might claim to be ‘precision this’ & ‘precision that’ but I doubt any can maintain it as much as Straitline Components can with what they have achieved over the past 12 years in Precision Engineering. With their very own hearts in the right place, now Straitline Components have entered the cycling industry fuelled with passion for riding.

Are you Chicken?

 A chickens' body temperature normally runs at 102-103 degrees F.

A rooster takes 18-20 breaths a minute, a hen 30-35.

There are over 150 varieties of domestic chickens.

Chickens are not capable of sustained flight.

It takes a hen 24-26 hours to lay an egg.

The latin name for chicken is Gallus Domesticus.

Chickens come in an infinite variety of colors and patterns.

Chickens lay different colored eggs, from white, to brown, to green, to pink, to blue.

A chicken can have 4 or 5 toes on each foot.

Grocery store chickens are 5-8 weeks old.

A chicken takes 21 days to hatch.

Chickens were domesticated about 8000 years ago.

Why I Love Bikes

I Love Bikes

Well it's no secret that the team at Soul Riders are mad keen about bikes, so I decided to throw the Q around the SR HQ to see what my fellow SRians had to say.


I love bikes simply because of the thrill I have every time I pull those legs over my bikes. Whether it’s when you’re pointing that rig down that mountain or stairing up at that peak, when you reach that spot you’ll look back & feel better than ever. The amazing people you meet along the way that also love bikes just as much makes it even better & that is the awesome part about it which makes up for everything. Then when you buy that special bike you can change the parts over to make it even better. Nothing better than a frame built completely out of parts YOU want & not what other people want.


I Luv riding my bike because, when I'm pinning it down the singletrack with my legs providing the speed, my mind alert, my arms in control and the wind in my face I am more stoked to be alive than almost anything else. When I dream I can pull endless manuals, thread the tightest sniper landing and bust massive no nothings off the biggest doubles. I ride to battle against the evil forces of gravity, friction and fatness. When I can push my body to do things it didn't think it could and stop my mind giving in to my fear, I feel like I have achieved more than sitting at a desk for a month. I feel closer to human when I'm outside in the real world with the trees, dirt, rocks and sunshine pedalling my bike as a tiny part of the big picture. It's good to ride a bike.


I love bikes because they express individual freedom. The smooth lines of a frame, the bold artistic welds, subtle but well positioned decals, sweet tread that wraps around an awesome wheelset, a rig that you can stare at forever, imagining your next spurt down the trails. I see the passion, the freedom, the utter crazy possibilities a bike can offer. I see them as a beautiful woman, and like women, you can admire them, and wish to ride them all at least once.


...To Be Continued