Shane Warne, Keep your eye on the ball & zip It

Never in a million years would I have thought we at Soul Riders would be mentioning Shane Warne. He is known as (or once known as) an international cricketer and now a celebrity nuff nuff. His comments earlier this week after his altercation with a cyclist has got my blood boiling just a tad. First, he uses his "celebrity" status and his forum via his Twitter account to vent all he liked about his version of events and to a waiting, baiting media contingent - of which he later rags on via twitface again. Many of his supporters are blinded by his apparent bogan outbursts where he needs to bang his chest to inflate his own ego. I'm going to use my forum to vent my little rant Mr. Warne. A witness has come forward and made a mockery of Warnies version of events.

The resulting factor of Shane's selfish and bullshit rant was him trying to use his sway as a nuff nuff to impose new laws on cyclists - wanker! He suggested, or was that egotistically dictated, that cyclists should pay for and display rego plates - WTF? I already pay rego, and taxes, and tax on stuff I buy, and everywhere I turn, money comes out of my and every other citizens wallets - Pull your head in Shane Warne, zip ya mouth shut and PAY to fix the poor blokes bike you stuffed along with a public apology. Your dumbarse idea is NOT going to happen.

The only person who needs to take care and a lookout is you Shane Warne - keep your eye-on-the-ball so to speak.

To find out all the details that the news has published countless times, I will provide a few links for anyone here would like to read up on his shinanigans.

WarnieGate; The cyclists side

Bridie O'Donnell hit back with a beautifully put arguement suggesting all motorists give riding to and from work for a week a go, just to see and understand that we all need to be cautious of each other.

Mr. Shane Warne, maybe focus your commenting on cricket from now on hey?

End rant... On Ya Bike!