Collingwood bikes turning to GOLD

Smith Street, Collingwood can be a colourful place for many different reasons, some good, some not so good. But today, amongst the "can I have 2 bucks?" request from a stranger while eating my chicken roll, the cool hipsters strolling the footpath for their next cafe stop to not so slim women insisting on wearing the latest trend short denim shorts. Did I mention short shorts? On "not so slim" legs? I did right? Phew, I thought so, but for some reason, these people think they're "hip" "cool" - or do they? Maybe they're just comfortable in their skin, all massive amounts of it.

After forcing down my chicken roll (hopelessly made without any love) we were headed towards the Smith St bike shop for a bit of look-see. On the way is where we noticed this gold thing of beauty. Beauty in so many ways. Beautiful in the fact that, normally if you leave your bike locked in Collingwood for any length of time, it's usually gone, or parts taken, or completed destroyed for shits'n'giggles, BUT this time was pure beauty. Someone has bling'd this beast for the owner, locked-up and all. Gold paint has been used on every single part and to be honest, the paint job has been done pretty well considering the pressure the "paint-crew" must have been under.

It sure is strange in this neighbourhood, as locals and strollers all turned heads with looks of bewilderment and confusion albeit with a childish excited grin on their faces.

A nice day was had by all in Smith Street Collingwood - who would've thunk it?