Happy New Year - We're still here - testing products

Happy New Year to all our SRian friends. We haven't forgotten you, nor the fact we all ride bikes. We at SR have been flatout testing and trying a bunch of cool new gadgets. We're busy writting reviews and updating the entire site [but that is a secret at this stage].

We're changing our focus a wee bit. We're not just going to focus on MTB from now on, as I always felt I was cheating myself and you the reader/rider because I have always been into ALL styles of biking, not limited to just one craze. From 2012, we'll be talking ALL things bikes, from MTB's, BMX to Fixies and trikes - Even some MOTOs worth mentiong also.

Soul Riders bought a New GoPro Hero 2 for 2012, so expect a great bunch of footage, and an extensive review on the new model. If any SRians out there have a good trail or ride planned and can strap on a camera, click a button and take off - give us a call and we'll throw you the camera for your ride - we just need it back, with the footage - obviously!

Keep a look out for some cool Reviews Coming Soon! We've been testing bikes, watching flicks, reading books, planting our feet on pedals, gripping grips, touching technology and more...

Ride what you want!

Street DownHill in Santiago

Another bloody update

Here we are again, after a few techie dramas (Thanks Matsta for fixing them so quickly)we're back AGAIN, but a tad behind the eight ball...

I'm working hard to get the All New SR online for the New Year, so hang tight, it'll be all-right on the night...